IFS (International Featured Standard) - Food


IFS Standards are developed for and through all involved parties in the supply chain, which would like to use uniform standards to ensure safety and quality of food and non-food products and related services.

IFS Standards help to comply with all legal food and non-food safety and quality requirements and give common and transparent standards to all concerned suppliers and service providers as well as a concrete and strong answer to the high safety and quality expectations of customers.

IFS Food is a GFSI recognised standard for auditing food safety and quality of processes and products of food manufacturers. It concerns food processing companies or companies that pack loose food products.IFS Food is a standard for auditing quality and food safety of processes / products of food manufacturers and includes requirements about the following topics:

1 Senior management responsibility

2 Quality and food safety management systems

3 Resource management

4 Production process

5 Measurements, analysis, improvements

6 Food defence

IFS certification can offer a number of key benefits to companies striving for excellence in quality, food safety and customer satisfaction, and seeking a competitive advantage in their market place.

The structure of the IFS includes:

  • Management of the quality system
  • Product realization
  • Management responsibility
  • Measurements, analyses, improvements

The International Food Standard is applied to:

    • Processing and working and/or
    • Handling of loose products and/or
    • Activities undertaken during the primary packaging.
    • Suppliers at all steps of food processing subsequent to the agricultural stage.
    • The most important European retailers require IFS certification from the suppliers that are included in their supply chain.

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