Food Safety Consultancy


All organizations involved in food procurement, handling, storage, processing, manufacturing, packaging and retailing have to set up and operate an effective Food Safety Management System in their organization. SafeFoodz Solutions assists organizations in this process. We provide consultancy and support services in the area of Food Safety Implementation confirming to the following standards:


Other Standards Liks :


  • GMP

  • US FDA Approval Assisstance


Business advantages of Implementation of Food Safety Systems

More and more food businesses are requiring that their suppliers have a food safety management system in place. It is becoming a necessity if you wish to supply major food companies, sell to large retailers or enter into new markets.

Following are few advantages of implementation of Food Safety Systems:

  1. Enhancement of your food safety management system and your product’s quality

  2. Build and operate a food safety management system within a well-defined and clear framework that is flexible to your business needs and expectations

  3. Continuous monitoring of your food safety management system and processes.

  4. Understand what the actual risks are for the consumers and for your company

  5. Demonstration of your commitment to producing or trading in safe food

  6. Facilitate reductions in product waste, product reworking, and product recall.

  7. Improved risk management through greater consistency and traceability of product

  8. Legal compliance by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers and testing compliance through internal audits and management reviews

  9. Proven business credentials through independent verification against recognized standards